LeanJean starts a new job

Yeyy! After six months intensive soul-searching gap year sabbatical, I am finally back down a professional path. Well, it’s part-time, but still! It’s something to do, pays and may open other doors for me. I teach English in a language center. No, I’m not a teacher by profession, that’s not even my background in college. But I did tutor a kid before. Tried my patience like crazy, but hey, maybe I’m a new person now.

I attended a whole week’s training and I have to tell you, two days into it, I was feeling all iffy about it. Me, stand in front of a class and be all engaging, lively and interesting? I’d rather crawl under a rock. I’m the shy type remember? I mean, I can get chatty and giddy around old friends, but new people? I like to be quiet first, observe. In this job, I have to manage the class, always have something to say, be funny, dance the thingamajig if I have to, just get them to participate and learn.

The whole time during training, I kept thinking of a plan B. How bout that other job, maybe look for other options again, ooh how bout.. anything other than this. *dread*

The last two days were demo classes. *faints* How am I going to conduct a demo class in front of all these people?? But I did it!! Or else I wouldn’t have gotten in!

So now I’ve had three classes so far. So far so good. All Japanese women. I think I’m doing ok. I don’t know if they’re enjoying it or if they’re learning. I mean based on their faces, they just looked confused. Well, who wouldn’t be? The method requires me to speak English at all times. Even their books don’t have any translations. They may be confused now but it would force them to speak the language, practice it and learn at a much faster rate.

Perhaps I need to brush up on my own English as well. In my first class, I don’t know if it’s out of nervousness, but I taught the wrong lesson! We were on present perfect tenses. I got the right form “has/have + PP verb” but I was suddenly explaining it to her as past perfect tense! Whut. I just realized it after the class. Boo.. So shh.. don’t tell my employers about it  😐

I’m waiting for a regular class to be assigned to me. It’s all well and good, I have something to do once in a while, and this may even turn into a full-time job once more classes have been assigned to me. But I’m still looking for other options. So let’s see. In the meantime, hope I do well in my next classes. Woohooo! 😀


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