Pressed and rolled: Good, affordable Nuat Thai massage

The other day, I woke up with this really bad crick in my neck (now I know how Aladdin’s Genie felt). I couldn’t twist my head to the right, and try as I might it just really hurt. I tried to yoga it away but to no avail.

That afternoon I was supposed to attend a training but it got cancelled. And I couldn’t go home just yet cos I have a dinner that night in the Makati area and I didn’t want to go all the way back home only to come back again. So what do I do in 3 hours?

Well there is that crick in my neck and I remember this nondescript massage place I found next to greenbelt. So off I went.

Image source: Nuat Thai website (

Nuat Thai Makati in Legaspi is located right next to Greenbelt 5. It’s a short walk and quite convenient for those aching for a foot massage after a long day of shopping. And affordable too. There were other massage places on Perea St. but my broken down wallet can only afford 300 bucks worth of massage.

The first time I saw this place, I almost didn’t go in. Afraid, to be exact. It looked dark from the outside (reminiscent of the word “shady”). But I thought, hey I am looking for a cheap massage, why not just go in and check it out right?

It is dark when you go in, only a small reception area next to the door and what follows are maybe around 7 to 8 cubicles for massaging. It looked legit to me so I tried the Thai Body Massage the first time and Back Massage the second time.

First the masseuse cleans your feet in warm water, then directs you to your cube. You’re then asked to change in to the provided shirt and pants (clean and laundered, of course). The cubes are only separated by curtains so for those concerned about changing in such circumstances, this may not be for you. My only reservation though is whether the bed sheets and pillow cases are changed after each customer. I just didn’t see the actual changing while I was there. But I’ll try to think otherwise since I’d still like to go back hehe.. And also because it’s only curtains separating the cubes, it’s not as soundproof; you’ll be able to hear the other customers beside you, whether they’re wheezing, talking on the phone or to their masseuse.

I’ve tried an actual Thai massage in Thailand and I have to say that their body massage was a similar experience. Funny, cos when I first went in, I asked the receptionist if it’s similar to Ton-Ton’s (cos that’s what I was really looking for), and of course she didn’t know.

As for the back massage, it was pretty OK too. Of course I can’t expect for my crick to instantly disappear. It helped, I think.

After the massage, they offer hot tea – a good surprise considering the rate of the massage.

The only thing I didn’t like was my masseuse kept going out. I think she was checking her phone charging outside. Anyway, this is only minor. The restroom is pretty decent too but I’d suggest to just hold it til you get back to Greenbelt.

I checked for other comments on Nuat Thai online and I found that the rate is cheaper in other branches, only 250php instead of 300php for the basic massage. I wonder if their rate has just gone up since then. Also, the photos of other branches looked much better. I think it may be a difference of franchisees.

Still, for the price, location and quality of massage, I think I’ll be going back. Even on days without a crick.

Nuat Thai Makati – Legaspi. Unit 12-B Century Plaza Condo, 120 Perea St. Legaspi Village, Makati. Tel no: 468-7131. Open 12nn – 12mn.


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