Messy Bessy’s Advocacy

I applied for a position in Messy Bessy last month. Sadly, I didn’t get it (boohoo). BUT, I did learn about their advocacy which made me want to support their products even more.

I’m already a user of Messy Bessy products. I bought their Natural Hand & Body Wash in Aloe & Green Tea scent when I was looking for an organic hand wash and I love it! I love the smell! It smells light and fresh. They placed a disclaimer on the side that reads, “Suds don’t mean clean.” I expected it not to produce suds at all but it still does, just not as much as other mainstream consumer hand or body washes. And it has a more liquid consistency – atypical of the rich thick texture present in commercial washes.

Image source: Messy Bessy website (

I’m now on my second bottle and I use it as my bodywash as well! Another good practice that they do is they recycle the bottles. For every bottle you return, you get 10php off on your next purchase. What a great deal right?

So on to their advocacy. Of course I was researching about the company before I went to the interview. I already know that they make organic products, saving the environment yada yada. But what I didn’t know was that there was a bigger advocacy behind it. Messy Bessy started out as your typical social enterprise: They help support a group of people and out of this cause came financial needs and thus a product was born. Ta-da! In Messy Bessy’s case, they help send at-risk disadvantaged youth to school. They call this Project HOUSE. They employ and equip young adults who may have no chance of finding jobs elsewhere because of their past and lack of education.  Other staff members at Messy Bessy are also expected to help out in training, counseling and tutoring these young adults.

I believe they have a very solid holistic campaign. They offer good products that benefit consumers, eco-friendly goods that benefit the earth and second chances for at-risk youth that overall benefits society.

As consumers, we play an active part in shaping our world as well. The next time we buy products, let’s ask ourselves: Am I helping mother earth or other people if I buy this?


Messy Bessy products are available in Sesou, Beauty Bar, Echostore, Hobbes and Landes, selected Rustan’s Supermarket and Legazpi Sunday Market. Visit their website: and learn more about Project HOUSE.


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