What to do when you hit a car

Last Wednesday was a monumental day for me.

1. I drove by myself for the first time going to and from work. (Yeyyy..)

2. I hit the car behind me as I was backing in the parking. (..yeee *confidence drops*)

So there I was, left helpless in the throes of this furiously hysterical woman whose car I had given a “peck”.

Here’s how I handled the situation.

1. Pray. I believe prayer is my strongest defense. I kept talking to God that time, God ano ba to? Please help me. My heart was pounding, I didn’t know what to do and it was really my fault. Only God could save me then.

2. Stay calm. Oh it was easy to panic right then and there. Huwaattt?? I hit a car?! Waaaahhhhh!!! How did this happen?? Geez.. My class is in 10 minutes and this woman is still going on and on about what just happened!! And she wants to get my license? Report this?? What if her bumper comes off daw?? *faints*

3. Keep your cool. She was hurling expletives at me. Left and right. I tried to dodge them but admittedly it was my fault. So I understood how mad she was. I could have gotten mad myself at how she was criticizing every little thing about me – my parking, how long I’ve been driving, not even knowing where my building was – but I doubt that would’ve helped. We would have been two ticking time bombs going head to head. That’s no help. I tried to reason with her but she was playing the it’s-your-fault card. So I just took it. Apologized profusely, though she said it’s no use.

If I argued with her head on or took it nonchalantly and said, “Oh we have insurance. No biggie,” perhaps she wouldn’t let me go that easy. She took my number and til now hasn’t contacted me. Perhaps she’s let it go. There was a scratch on my car (which our driver said was an old one) and no sign of any kind on hers. At this point, if she does contact me, I don’t think it’ll hold water ‘cos it’s already been several days. How do I know it wasn’t caused by something else?

4. Practice diligence. At first she wanted to get and keep my license. I gave it to her but said I can’t let her keep it. I’ll need it. I just told her to take a photo of it. Remember, the person has no right to take your license. They’re not cops.

Take a photo of the incident. I did, and so I have proof that she can’t claim more than what the photo shows.

5. Be responsible. She got my number and I got hers as well. She said she will contact me when she’s done cleaning her car and “investigating” the damages. I said sure. Then she taunted, sana di mo ko tatakbuhan ah.

I have to say, hurl after hurl, one after the other. Ricochet, you take your aim, fly away fly away.Ā 

Of course I won’t run away from her. That’s what insurances are for (as I later found out. HAHA.) But then again, it’s been several days. So I think I’m out of this hot water.

The night before, I fervently prayed to God to keep me safe and surround me with His legion of angels. Perhaps he came through that’s why there’s no bump marks. Hihi. Only a lesson to learn or a message to be delivered.

Til my next driving adventure then. Weeee!


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