Counting my blessings

Today records one of the worst rainfall in the modern history of the Philippines.

In three days, accumulated rainfall has been estimated at 300mm – over half of what Typhoon Ondoy brought in in 2009 at 455mm within 24 hours – and there is still no sign of it letting up. The tropical storm has been found stationary within the Philippines’ area of responsibility and may not leave til Thursday. For two days now, work and classes have been suspended for most parts of Metro Manila. Some cities have already been declared under state of calamity.

Where I live, flooding has been limited to the feet level. I am blessed to live in a condominium. I don’t have stories to share of water coming in our house or swimming in the floods hanging on to my guitar while I helplessly try to evacuate. No, none of those. I am thankful though for the little things that I take for granted everyday.

1. Our tap water has stopped running. But thankful that we still have some drinking water and rain water isn’t running in from outside.

2. Some parts of the unit is leaking. But thankful that we have a roof over our head and we are safe and dry.

3. Elevator operations has been held temporarily. But thankful that I have two feet to walk up and down several flights of stairs allowing me to exercise.

4. Thankful for food supply and my mom cooking the food.

5. Thankful for power, cable and the internet – I have entertainment, I’m updated with the news and I’m able to check up on friends.

6. My dad fell down and bumped his head. And my mom is being insensitive and demanding towards the condo staff for not tending to the leaks and lack of water. But thankful that we are all together and we have each other.

7. Thankful for God’s power and sovereignty – He is in control of all of this. I remember Jacob clinging helplessly to God until He blesses Him. I can’t help but cling to God now asking Him to bless this country and my fellow Filipinos. I am thankful for intimacy with the Lord in this trying times.

What are you thankful for during the storms in your life?



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