Of naps, mom and faith

I recently took a trip to Singapore with my two sisters. It was a three day trip and we covered a lot of ground in the City of the Merlion. It was three days of walk, walk, walk. It was exhausting. Add in the heat and I literally just melted.

So whenever I get the chance to sit and be still (like during subway rides), I like to close my eyes and re-energize. Take pocket naps!

Problem was, my mom did the exact same thing. Anywhere. Literally. In the car, in church, while texting, while pushing the grocery cart. It was phenomenal.

My sister commented that I was like mom then. I gasped and shrieked in bloody horror. No way!

Then again, the week after at a lunch party of my sister and her fiance, I noticed that mom was quiet – her usual quiet self in the midst of new people. It was a meet-the-family kind of lunch, so we were seated with my sister’s fiance’s family. My auntie was there and she was her usual extroverted self, bouncing off other people’s energy. “Oh, Dal is usually quiet,” she commented at one point.

I saw myself in my mom right there. That’s exactly how I am when flanked with new people in a crowd. I shivered. Am I like mom? Will I turn out to be like mom – quiet, caved in, depressed, self-centered? You can probably smell my fear now.

But I don’t have to end up like mom. As long as I obey God and stay at the center of His perfect will, then I can live the fullness of life in Christ.

What exactly does that mean?

It means doing my part – stepping out in faith to meet new people, practicing warmth and hospitality to everyone I come across, always have kind words, be positive. And trusting God to do His part, lifting everything else up to Him – what to say in the awkward silence, the energy to participate, nice and receptive people around me.

And this is only for social situations. There’s a lot more work in me to remain joyful, patient, compassionate, merciful – to reflect all the fruits of the Spirit.

And I know I’ll never be perfect in this lifetime. Close to the perfection of Christ, perhaps. But someday, someday everything will be awesome in Heaven.


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