OK. I was going for something reminiscent of Crazy/Beautiful, but godly and feminine are not exactly opposite each other. Women ARE created to be feminine, that is by God’s design.

Whoa. That was a bit hard for me to swallow. I’m not exactly sure I’d call myself feminine. Having said that I am praying on marriage, it raises the question of how I am preparing myself for this ministry. Am I growing in godly femininity?

I went out on this blind date with a guy my sister’s fiance introduced me to. It was a double date as my sister and her fiance were also there. It was a bit awkward but I believe less awkward than just having the two of us and the chance of having nothing to talk about at all.

He was nice, really nice. The kind of nice carried with boyish innocence that was actually quite endearing. He made effort to start conversations which was a plus. But here’s the clincher. As we were walking towards the car, he asked for my number. As he was jotting down my digits on his phone, I teasingly asked him, “Do you even know my name?” He paused dead blank. I then yelled out to my sister’s fiance, “But he doesn’t even know my name!”

Needless to say, he didn’t have a need for my number after all. My friend said that I may have embarrassed him, even calling out an audience to witness his booboo. To my defense, I thought it was weird for him to sit through dinner with me and not know my name. He could have discreetly pulled his friend aside and asked for my name. But he didn’t.

Then again, I remember this article I read on how to honor your husband. One of the things NOT to do, as cited in the article, was to point out the guy’s mistake in public. Sure he’s not my husband, but it’s a way to honor a brother in Christ (not sure if he’s a believer though) or someone as well. I could have just graciously, and with a “gentle and quiet spirit”, told him my name.

In real humanly prideful fashion, I again wanted to justify my actions. I was just joking! Am I not allowed to joke now?! Am I supposed to just throw away my witty sense of humor in favor of femininity? But that would be like stripping away who I am! Who would I be then?!

“You are a child of God,” the voice said. My sense of humor is not a product of who I am in Him. It is a defense mechanism (think: Chandler Bing). Can you imagine Kate Middleton, Princess Diana or Grace Kelly – women who epitomize femininity – yelling out to embarrass someone publicly?

That settled it right there. I think humor can still live alongside femininity, as long as it is respectful, light-hearted and sensitive. Meaning there are no casualties.

I’ve always thought of that day when I’d have to submit to my husband and practice that “gentle and quiet spirit”. I was blinded from the fact that I had my chance right there. Now I know. Perhaps a few more lessons (or more more lessons – life is a never ending journey of learning) and I’m well on my way to truly being “a woman after God’s own heart”.



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