More fun, Proudly Filipino

Lately I’ve been gung-ho on window shopping online. Being holed up in a city with only three (and a half – because there’s barely anything there really) shopping mall, I do miss looking at international brands *cue: Pretty woman walking down the street*. OK, not a hooker šŸ˜

Ever since my successful purchases online (Galleon, Zalora and Baby Shop), I’m feeling riskier these days. Okay.. maybe I CAN buy from this and that website *jittery*. (Naturally, it’s just code for I’m-not-doing-anything-better-with-my-time-so-why-not-just-browse-oh-I-dunno-shoes-bags-clothes.)

And I would like to support our Filipino trade. Seriously, there are a lot of good Filipino brands out there that can so rival the international ones. As much as I’d like to put out a review on these brands, I don’t really have the moolah or the need to purchase some of them. So this is just a compilation of some of the Filipino brands’ online shops which I’ve had the delight to chance upon. Some are social enterprises, which makes it cooler ‘cos they’re actually supporting a community or tribe or a dying breed of local craftsmen. And while you may say, “Whut? Why is it so expensive then if it’s local?! I will not! I will not pay that much!! *slams door*” Alright bro, chill. Well, if it does rival the quality of international brands, then wouldn’t it merit the same price? After all, it’s still for our good ol’ PH.

So on to the list. (Legend: Social enterprises in italics; my personal wishlist with *asterisk hihi) In no particular order:

1. Habi footwear – environment-friendly footwear in fashionable designs

2. Gugu – world-class backpacks made out of Mayon fabric (jute cloth)

3. Vela Manila – bags, binders, wallets, tablet cases and other must-haves crafted with local hand-woven fabrics

4. Anthill Fabric – clutches, ties, passport holders, dresses – anything that you can make out of hand-woven fabrics (yes, Vela Manila and Anthill has had collaborations). The *Polyhemp clutch looks adorable!

5. Ni Qua – bags, shoes, accessories designed in the definitive “easy chic” style. (Doesn’t the *Bespoke Manico by Patty Laurel just look heavenly? *salivates*)

6. Rags2Riches – the one that started it all. “We create eco-ethical fashion and home accessories out of upcycled scrap cloth, organic materials and indigenous fabrics, and by working with artisans living in the poor communities across the country. ” (from their website) Their new Ampersand Collection by Kim Jones looks awesome. I like the *Casey one. šŸ™‚

7. Istorya Creations – personalized, hand-stamped jewelries – the first in the Phils. This is making it to the list because I just ordered a bunch for Christmas (including my #biggirlnecklace!) and I’m hoping it looks good šŸ™‚

So there’s my list. If there’s anymore I should know about (I hope there is!) then just give me a shout out. *giddy*


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