Review: Negrense Holiday Spa

I’ve noticed that only one blog post of mine really drew skyrocket-high attention. And that’s on a spa review. So imma give you the lowdown on the other spas I’ve tried out over here.

Having moved to Bacolod (yep, there I’ve said it), I had to look for a new massage place. Somewhere near my place, cheap but good. The first I found, which I’ve stuck to for a couple of months til it closed, was Negrense Holiday Spa at Goldenfield Complex.

Well, this may very well be a waste since it’s already closed. And I’m not sure if they’re transferring to the new complex being built right next to it, but they do have another branch on the 15th St., Lacson. Would the experience be the same? You’d have to check it out then.

nhs goldenfield
Array of rooms in NHS Goldenfield. Image grabbed from NHS facebook page.

The first time I walked in NHS, I was fairly impressed. The rates were within my range, duration was one hour and a half, and you get your own room. That would be a rare find in Manila.

I leaned towards their NHS Signature Massage, which was a mix of Swedish, Shiatsu and some other style, just because. It sounded awesome, like you get a taste of all kinds. I’m a sucker for that.

The massage was ok. My room was clean and after the massage they will offer you water. Like I said, NHS became my go-to massage place til it closed.

However, there was one thing that didn’t sit well with me. The massages didn’t last for an hour and a half. I became more conscious of the time after the first time I noticed this. After the massage, I asked the therapist if it was an hour and a half already. She said that oh she thought I got the one hour promo. I didn’t even know there was such a promo. The next time I pointed this out, the girl offered to massage me some more. Another time.. well, you catch my drift. I don’t think I have to be the timekeeper here. If it says an hour and a half, then I expect to get that.

There are a few minor things, like the girl kept checking her phone during the massage, or after the massage, the girl was already changing the sheets and wouldn’t leave the room while I was still fixing up. Don’t know if she was hanging back til I gave her a tip. A few minor things, though it does add up. When I was told it would be closing soon, I took it as a good sign to find a new one. Like the ending of a relationship, of better things to come.

You can check out their whole list of services here.

Update: It’s open til the BDO branch beside it closes. They will be transferring to Gaisano City Mall soon after.


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