Review: Blind Massage at Gaisano City Mall

I don’t know the name of that establishment. I remember seeing a sign right next to the stairs saying, “Blind Massage” with an arrow pointing up. There must be a name somewhere in that sign but it escapes me now. But I will check. And remember. Next time. For you. That’s how much YOU *points to you* mean to me. Uhuh.

What do I say? It’s a blind massage. You sit on a chair and they massage you right there in the open. Php140 for half body for half an hour. I pick this if I just want a quick and really cheap-o one.

It’s not much of an experience. If you’re looking to feel all relaxed, with background music playing, tea or water after, like you can just float into the abyss, then yeaaa,  no this probably isn’t what you’re looking for.

They do have beds for whole body massages. For Php280, one hour. But it’s not much of an ambiance. Spaces are separated by curtains. No aircon, only electric fans. For an additional 20 bucks, I’d recommend another place to you.

Then again, in all honesty, I find blind therapists to be really good. I mean, their disability is actually an advantage in this case. They heavily rely on their sense of touch to spell out that lamig or cold nerve in your body.

So if you’re really after the massage, just the massage, nothing more, then I would highly recommend these sprawling blind massage centers that you can find in most third-tier malls in the Philippines.


Blind Massage located at 2F Gaisano City Mall near the cinemas.


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