Review: O’Fisher Spa

So when I was told that NHS would soon close, I was on the tail for a new massage place. And I found this!

ofisher spa
Photo grabbed from O’Fisher facebook page

It consists of two floors and on my first time, I was led to the second floor to a private room. The second time, to a cubicle separated by curtains in the first floor. I don’t know which is better: a common room for all same-sex guests but no curtains, or spaces separated with curtains but open to both male and female guests. O’Fisher provides the latter. I’m ok with this, although the problem with curtains is the lack of soundproofing. True enough, when the guest beside my cube arrived, someone rang on her phone and they started talking. Yep. I heard every word. I did appreciate, though the professionalism of my therapist. She would try to shush her every once in awhile.

Regine. That’s the name of my therapist. I think she was my therapist for both times. I like her. I would recommend her. At the start of the massage, she would state your chosen massage, duration and time start. See this difference with the other one? At least you’re sure you get what you pay for, right.

I got Swedish massage, Php300, one hour. The routine is a bit different than the ones I got in Manila. Which I think is a good thing. It’s not a copy-paste experience and, perhaps, they developed it themselves.

One massage technique though that I’m not a big fan of is the hair pulling. This is not specific to O’Fisher. I’m sure this is done in others as well. I thought of asking the therapist not to do it but I’m sure it has its benefits. It’s just that I have really thin hair and I feel like I lose a million with each pull.

After the massage, you’re offered tea or water. Their tea is served in this small Lavazza cup and looks like water with leaves. I’m not sure what kind of tea that is. You’d have to tell me.

Overall, I’m sure I’ll be going back. Sometimes the days just go on and you just want to feel relaxed and zone out even for just an hour.


O’Fisher Spa & Wellness Center is located at Metrodome, Araneta St. Contact (034) 435 2379. Open from 1:00pm to 12:00am.



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