Paradigm shift

I’ve had a little change of perspective lately and I do hope it sticks. A few weeks ago, I heard the news that an acquaintance, a friend’s friend, was diagnosed with leukemia. That really struck me. As I’m sure it did other people. He is an amazing guy, at the prime of his life (only 24 years old) and doing amazing things for his community. Makes you wonder about life, doesn’t it?

As I was doing my daily surf of contents online, this time including stories of cancer survivors, research on leukemia, how to help, etc., I came across an article of one cancer survivor. This is where I’m drawing my renewed take on all things, especially everyday ordinary tasks, routine work and sheer drudgery.


That’s it.

I don’t have to go to work. I GET TO go to work.

I don’t have to wake up early. I get to wake up each morning and find things to do that may bless others.

I get to be in a free country, enjoy my independence and do the things I want.

I get to live, love and enjoy life.

Mostly, I get to worship my God from whom this amazing life comes from.

That isn’t to say that life never sucks. I have my ups and downs. But remembering the I GET TOs in life will spell a world of difference between being joyful of the gift or just surviving the day-to-day and keeping my head above water.

I choose to GET TO. Wouldn’t you?



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