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Hi, I’m Jen!

Or Leanjean.

I was born and raised in Manila – a true city girl at heart. Next to Manila, I called Shanghai home for a year and half. These days, I walk the steps of Bacolod – my new home, my spacious place.

I like to read, reflect and ruminate on the wonders and complexities of life.

I enjoy meeting single women – discuss life, faith, and everything and anything in between.

I’ve began leading an organic and natural lifestyle – new finds and discoveries send me on a high. #hippiehigh

Someday, I hope to marry and homeschool my kids.



Lean Jean is a fictional character in the Fatty Patty children’s book series. She is a thin slice of ham and mostly lives in the 2D world — the complete opposite of FatPat who’s made of all the fatty goodness.

In real life, she has dabbled in marketing communications, brand management and teaching English. Now, she wobbles between managing an office and living in FatPat’s head. When not swimming in oils, she likes to travel, play with kids and dogs, and sing off-key.

Catch her adventures as Jen in the real world.


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